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Serengeti is a top national park in Tanzania, a popular tourist destination, and always exciting throughout the year. The greatest offers and lodging options for Serengeti safaris can be found by comparing them. Lowest price promise!

North of Tanzania, the Serengeti is a 14,763 square kilometer area that is between 920 and 1,820 meters above sea level.

Explore the boundless Serengeti grasslands, which are interspersed with trees and kopjes from which regal lions rule their domain; be in awe of the Great Migration; or track down an elusive leopard in a riverine woodland by joining us on a safari.

Go on a hot air balloon safari and soar over the plains at sunrise.

What to See In Serengeti
The Serengeti Great Migration is a yearly movement of more than 1.5 million wildebeest, thousands of zebras, and antelopes looking for ideal pasture, water, and breeding grounds in a clockwise cyclical system.

African Big 5 Animals: During your safari to Serengeti National Park, you will get the opportunity to see the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Buffalo.

Serengeti Animals: There are over 4 million animals and 400 different bird species in the park. Black rhinoceros, elephants, wild dogs, and cheetahs are four animal species that are considered to be globally threatened or endangered. Other creatures include olive baboons, hippos, elands, impalas, masa giraffes, spotted hyenas, honey badgers, and many more.

Serengeti vegetation and environment: The short grassland that covers the 35,000 square kilometers of the park’s habitat makes for excellent wildlife watching. the short acacia savannah area in the Lobo area, the marshes, bushes, and the forest zone in the west and north.

The Serengeti Kopjes (Out-Rocks) is made of extremely hard granite and serve as a habitat and a place of concealment for the wildlife of the Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti Rivers: The park’s numerous rivers serve as the main supply of water for the water-dependent animals that graze close to the river’s edge. Predators also hide near the river’s edge while they wait to hunt.