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7 Days Adventure and Leisure Walking Safari | Karatu – Lake Eyasi

Safari Overview

Walking safaris in Tanzania offer an intimate and adventurous way to experience the country’s untouched landscapes and rich culture away from the usual tourist routes.

These safaris, lasting several days, take participants deep into remote areas, allowing them to explore the savannah and bush on foot, accompanied by a guide, a cook, and camping equipment for overnight stays under the stars. With a focus on social interaction, cultural learning, and the simple joys of outdoor life, these journeys are not just about observing wildlife but also about engaging with local communities, enjoying traditional dances, and learning through storytelling.

Organized by JAMBO MAASAI TOURS, the walks cover regions like the Ngorongoro Highland, offering breathtaking natural scenery. Travelers move like nomads, with their camps set up each night in new locations, providing a unique sense of adventure and connection to nature.

However, a genuine openness to embrace local culture and values is essential for a truly enriching experience.

Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Karatu – Njia Panda Village

After breakfast, a walk from Karatu town towards the forests around Oldeani Peak with full of birds, hyenas and there is a good chance of spotting a leopard in the early morning and evening. Dinner and overnight at Njia Panda Village camping area.

Day 2: Njia Panda Village – Qurusu Village

After breakfast, a visit to Maasai schools Njia Panda, talk with local Maasai elders and immerse yourself in Maasai village life. After lunch start a walk to Qurusu Village. Dinner and overnight at Qurusu Village camping area.

Day 3: Qurusu Village – Enda Shangweti Village

After breakfast, a walk from Qurusu Village to a forest famous for its healing properties and to a traditional Maasai meals. After lunch proceed to nearby Enda Shangweti Village, where you will get an opportunity of offering some presents to village people. Dinner and overnight at Enda Shangweti Village camping site.

Day 4: Enda Shangweti Village – Mangola Juu (Barazani) Village

After breakfast at Enda Shangweti Village, a walk towards Mangola Juu a village (Barazani) inhabited by Nilotic – speaking people, and then descends the Rift valley escarpment. Hikers will climb a doom like peak where they will get time to view the Rift valley. Dinner and overnight at campsite Mangola Juu (Barazani) Village.

Day 5: Mangola Juu Village – Mangola Chini Village

After breakfast at Mangola Juu (Barazani) Village, a trek through the savannah grassland where camping can be set on the edge of the rift valley escarpment or near a Barbaig village at Mangola Chini Village near (Lake Eyasi). Dinner and overnight at campsite Mangola Chini.

Day 6: Mangola Chini (Activity to Be Organized at The Village)

After breakfast at Mangola Chini, a walk to a village where cultural /traditional events can be organized or other activities for entertainment purposes can be arranged i.e. imitational of a marriage or circumcision ceremony in progress where anybody will be free to participate. Dinner and overnight at Mangola Chini.

Day 7: Mangola Chini – Lake Eyasi – Arusha / Moshi or Kilimanjro Airport

After breakfast at Mangola Chini, mornings walk around the shores of Lake Eyasi, where there is a primary breeding ground for birds especially flamingoes. The forest around Lake Eyasi is full of birds, buffalo and hyena that inhabit. After lunch start a journey back home in our 4WD Land Rover or Land Cruisers. Dinner and overnight at campsite in Karatu Town. The next morning, you will be taken back to Moshi.

Kindly Please Note:
One among these seven days / eight days if time allows our Driver Guide will take you to scenic spot where you will have a perfect panoramic view of the African sunrise or sunset, seeing giraffes or elephants grazing across the grassland as those first or last golden rays above or below the horizon. Not in the World can say they have seen such a beautiful sight. If your planned budgeted time wasn’t enough for your tour and safari, you can absolutely continue your adventure by paying extra costs on extra days to your stay while in Tanzania. Travel to other parks to see other sceneries don’t necessarily seen at Serengeti and Ngorongoro part. Perhaps in these parks was all you needed to see in your tour and safari sights you wanted to see. The perfect way to end your safari is by making an add on tour program to / for Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trails and cultural visits cannot be missed while visiting our Country. We can arrange transport and accommodation for a broad range of lodges, villas and hotels in the best resorts.