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Tanzania Day Trips & One Day Safaris

Safari Overview

We specialize in offering 100% specialized Tailor-made package in Tanzania, providing skilled advice and tailor-made private safaris. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating unforgettable safari experiences that cater to your unique preferences and interests.

We have curated a selection of the most captivating destinations for Day Trips or short tours. These excursions can be a wonderful addition to your safari or Kilimanjaro climb and can be combined according to your preferences. We would be delighted to provide you with a personalized offer.

Choose Moshi as the starting point for your Tanzanian adventure and let us guide you through the cultural and scenic highlights of the surrounding area

The day trips offered from Moshi are an excellent way to experience the beauty of Tanzania and create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some of the exciting day trip options available:

Mountain Kilimanjaro Day Hike:

Experience the stunning landscapes of Mount Kilimanjaro on a day hike, from lush rainforests to high-altitude moorland.

Marangu Village with Bike Tour:

Explore the coffee plantations, waterfalls, and traditional Chagga culture of Marangu village on a bike tour.

Marangu Village without Bike Tour

Take a guided walk through Marangu village, visit a coffee plantation, and learn about the local culture.

Chemka Hotspring At Rundugai Area

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of Chemka Hotspring and enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Arusha National Park Day Trip

Discover the wildlife and natural beauty of Arusha National Park on a guided game drive.

Tarangire National Park Day Trip

Witness the large herds of elephants and stunning landscapes of Tarangire National Park on a guided game drive.

Ngorongoro Crater Day Trip

Explore the world’s largest inactive volcanic caldera and observe diverse wildlife on a full-day trip to Ngorongoro Crater.

Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Tour

Hike to the Materuni Waterfall, swim in the clear waters, and learn about the coffee-making process at a local plantation.

Materuni Waterfall:

Enjoy a shorter and leisurely day trip to the Materuni Waterfall, where you can swim and admire the natural beauty.

Moshi Bike Tour

Explore the countryside around Moshi on a bike tour, taking in the beautiful views and visiting local villages and markets.

Lake Chala Day Trip

Visit the stunning crater lake of Lake Chala, swim in its clear waters, and hike around the lake while enjoying breathtaking views.

These day trips offer a variety of experiences, from wildlife encounters to cultural immersion and natural wonders, allowing you to make the most of your time in Tanzania.

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